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What Are The Common Website Design Mistakes To Avoid


What Are The Common Website Design Mistakes To Avoid

A distinct and appealing website is no longer an option. A bad website leads businesses to lose consumers, which means money out the door. Unfortunately, this happens with disturbing regularity. Many small business owners create their own websites in order to save money and get more control over the project.

Unfortunately, they don't often fully grasp the basics of effective web design, resulting in a less-than-ideal website. Web design is, at its core, a type of art. Web design, like art, seeks to provide its viewers with an experience. The goal of web design is to mix form and function in such a way that a website is entertaining, navigable, fascinating, and usable.

Common Mistakes Of Website Design

While making a website there are a lot of things that are needed to be considered which help for the advancement of the website that makes it effortless for the users to use and also increases your website ranking.

Font & Text Colour

Keep the colour of the font as well as keep the size of the font same. You can increase or change the font size in case of headings as well as you can bold & underline your headings but for the rest of the content set and follow a standard pattern. Colour of the text should not be too dark or too light and should be in contrast with the background of your website. If you are pasting links between your content then try to keep it in the spotlight by using a different colour

Website Design & Colour

Website colour & background should not be too good. Try keeping it unique, simple or plain so that it's easy for the people to allocate the website and use it.

The design and layout of your website should also not look too poor so that users get interested in seeing your website design and layout and wish to use the same.

A dreadful CTA (Call to action)

Your CTA is the doorway to your company. It orders your visitors to perform the following: Please click here! Get a discount! Find out more about this product! Obviously, it's critical that your CTA tells visitors exactly what they need to accomplish. There should be enough information so that visitors understand what they will gain from taking action and what information they must submit. However, there is a narrow line between being helpful and obnoxious. Make sure your CTA is brief and tells clients exactly what they need to do. Limit form completion and give them a few minutes on your website before the CTA appears.

Missing Information

When you are working on a website platform there is quite a possibility that you might miss something important like contacts, payment details, purpose of the website or any other essential thing that the viewers might need so you can prepare a checklist for the same.

Images that are unattractive or irrelevant

Photos and graphics are equally essential components of site design. Images may instantly express complicated ideas without the need to physically read text. Having said that, many firms use irrelevant or low-quality photos for no apparent reason. Images of poor quality will wreak havoc on your website and turn off visitors. Irrelevant photos, on the other hand, will just confuse your readers and make them wonder what you're attempting to say.

There isn't enough going on.

Websites with almost little content are at the other end of the range. Minimalism in design is a significant trend right now, and when done perfectly, it works. Some small company websites are excessively cryptic, leaving too much to the imagination. That is another major blunder. Visitors want to know who you are and what your company can achieve for them. Using simple pictures with no apparent direction will leave your visitors guessing, which isn't a good thing.


This is one of the most important aspects that one needs to keep in mind as users always look for something new and what is going on in trend these days so you must ensure that you keep your website updated for such people and it also might attract new visitors to your website.


Content is an important component of your website and marketing plan. Content is what informs readers about your company and the items or services it provides. Pay close attention to the fonts you use and how the content is organised on the page.

Typeface expresses your brand image in addition to the words you write, so choose a legible and appealing font. Use white space effectively to guide the eye around your site and make massive blocks of content less frightening. Many people make the mistake of including too much content on their websites. Customers may believe you've gone out of business if your content isn't kept up to date.

Too Much Going On

Display important company information on your website right away. Visitors who are unable to understand what your site is about after a few seconds of entering will go. While this is crucial to remember, it frequently leads to small business owners cramming too much well above fold. The fold is not only a fallacy, but a packed website is never a desirable thing. Websites containing a lot of graphics, text, and other elements can take a long time to load and will confuse your visitors. Avoid busy designs at all costs.

These are some of the mistakes that you can avoid and it will increase the ranking of your website and help it increase its ranking which is better for SEO. Apart from this just ensure that your website is mobile friendly as well as it should be working 24X7 and should not take much time for loading. YourFlow India is here to help you from making such common mistakes and design a website that ranks.