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Web Design SEO India: What Makes Responsive Web Design So Popular?


Web Design SEO India: What Makes Responsive Web Design So Popular?

Have you ever analysed the reasons behind millions of users in leading eCommerce websites? What’s so unique in their eCommerce website SEO strategy that attracts millions of global consumers? It is nothing but Responsive Web Design. While Developing any web page or application, the technical requirements remain more or less similar for every organisation. Let’s dive into detailed facts to analyse how Responsive Web design is so important nowadays.

7 Excellent Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

#1: Personalised Experiences

What Makes Responsive Web Design? You can lose nearly 57% of potential customers due to poor web design. So a responsive web design renders all elements according to the screen size. Hence your viewers will not face any difficulties scrolling through mobile or desktops. It renders design, layout and background uniformly to give a personalised experience to users.

Investing in RWD (Responsive Web Design) led to seamless experiences. Such fundamentals need not be ignored, especially when the only way of interaction for your brand is through the official websites.

#2: Higher Search Indexing

In 2015, when Google introduced special mobile-specific SEO features, the competition became so intense. Millions of websites have launched after the pandemic to retain customers. Hence maintaining a higher SEO ranking in well-known search engines is challenging. Moreover, RWD helps you to capture higher ranks as search engines prefer user-friendly websites.

#3: Fast Loading Pages

Do you ever stay for long when a page takes a long time to load? It is irritating to work with a slow website. Time is precious for everyone, so your organisation’s websites have to be fast. An optimal loading speed through responsive web design also assures lower bounce rates.

#4: Saves Time And Budget

Both budget and time are limited when you’re running any business. If you’re a growing entrepreneur, launching two different websites for mobile users and desktop users can be pricier. Hence invest in a one-stop solution, i.e. Responsive Web Design. Additionally, it is easier to monitor the performance of single websites.

#5: Ease Of Maintenance

Designing a well-structured website is the most important task. However, constant monitoring of its progress and performance indicators is another important task. If you have a limited workforce, spending a lot of time in management or removing technical glitches is a heck. Hence choose a Responsive Design to lessen the possibility of periodic maintenance.

#6: Higher Session Timing

Lower session timing can be worse for your websites. If you are facing problems related to session time, you need to rethink your Web design. It will, in turn, save you money. Indeed, Responsive Web Design resolves such issues so that users can like and retain your pages.

#7: Social Sharing

By investing in responsive design, thousands of businesses have seen growing users. If users like your content they are likely to share it with others. So it assures better engagement.

Final Say

These are the top 7 benefits of designing a responsive web design for your brand. Now use your creativity to craft the layout and configurations for providing personalised experiences. Do you want a responsive website for your business? Contact Your Flow India today for best website design services in India.