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eCommerce Best Practice To Boost Your Sales


eCommerce Best Practice To Boost Your Sales

To get an edge over the competition, having eCommerce websites can be truly game-changing. Take the name of most successful entrepreneurs, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Jeff Bezos, digital marketing plays a massive role in their success. Sadly, Harvard researchers claim that 75% of startups fail due to poor marketing strategy. So you must know the eCommerce strategy very well. This article is going to tell you the top 6 eCommerce practices for the success of your business.

Top 6 eCommerce Strategies

Strategy 1: Email Marketing: Build An Email List

Do you know that globally 360 billion people are using smartphones? So a majority of them must have an email account. For leading brands, this idea generates nearly $42 after spending just $1. The return on investment of Email marketing is higher than any marketing strategy.

As a growing entrepreneur, you must build an email list of prospects. It is the way to grab the attention of all users. You can utilize it to make your audience aware of new products or take feedback.

Strategy 2: A/B Testing For Marketing Campaigns

Next, decluttering is important to prevent distracting your visitors. The only way is repeated testing. It often reduces the chances of further complacency. Every feature has to be tested, starting from the image to the entire design. Additionally, take care of the following two matters.

Mobile optimization is a must. You can think of Responsive Web Design for better visibility according to screen size.

For a better UX experience, filter pop-ups. The experience should be frictionless and lack annoying advertisements.

Strategy 3: Excellent Product Demonstration

A Product demo is important to build a transparent relationship. Augmented reality is the best eCommerce practice for product demos. One can use a 360 view of products. Buyers want to trust the signals, so use this opportunity.

Strategy 4: More Filters For Personalised Experiences

When most customers enter any leading eCommerce pages, the filter is the first thing they use. It helps to find the desired products. Offering more filters may lead to a better conversion rate. It will affect session time as well because customers are more likely to spend time finding huge options.

Strategy 5: Social Media Marketing, Paid Internet Traffic

Social media marketing is another great practice for boosting eCommerce sales. Brands use paid traffic to promote products via different social media platforms. Paid campaigns for eCommerce aid in better targeting of audiences.

Strategy 6: Optimise The Exit Process With CTA

eCommerce brands see a list of rejections due to cart abandonment. So optimization of the checkout process is a must. The time to provide personal details must be short enough to avoid abandonment. You can add CTA buttons to eCommerce websites and an integrated range of payment options for a better experience.

In sum

eCommerce brands fail due to lack of consistency and unclear business objectives. Besides, boring products with poor product description also prevents users from returning. Your ultimate intention must be to turn visitors into regular shoppers and then retain them for longer. For this, you can follow the above-mentioned practices to boost eCommerce sales. The more you keep yourself updated and trained with the latest marketing strategies, the chances of outperforming are higher. Need eCommerce website design services in India? Contact Your Flow India for the best assistance.