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6 Advanced Google SEO Ranking Factors to Double Traffic


6 Advanced Google SEO Ranking Factors to Double Traffic

You have designed well-structured websites for brands, but still, you are not getting enough ranking in popular search engines. So, what to do now?

Every Industry has seen a rapid revolution in the digital field. You need to have concrete knowledge to win the fast-changing digital environment. Maybe your website is missing some important elements of online marketing. This article is going to introduce you to Advanced Google SEO Ranking Factors for achieving more organic traffic.

6 Advanced SEO Factors

There are multiple ways to achieve a higher ranking when applying advanced SEO strategies. The on-page factors, technical factors, and Off-page factors are some of them.

On-Page SEO Factors

#1: Long-Tail Keywords

Every business enterprise operating digitally is aware of keyword strategy for SEO. But long tail keywords need comprehensive knowledge. A long tail keyword helps to specify the search parameters. The long-tail keywords have a relatively lower search volume, although you can benefit from using them extensively.

A recent survey conveys that 91% of searches are long-tail keywords. Now, think how massive business opportunities open just by making a little effort. For instance, you can use “how meditation benefits our sleep cycle”, instead of only “mediation benefits”.

#2: Alternative Keywords For Images

Alt text is another popular factor. A short description can be added after the images. The benefits of using alternative texts are:

  • The website becomes more accessible to the user
  • It optimises higher SEO

When the business website is accessible to everyone, it attracts higher traffic through search engine algorithms. Thus, it gets a higher SEO ranking.

#3: Quality Content

Once the website is ready for launch, take extra care about the content. Poor quality content may destroy the position in Google. It must have fresh content with well-structured keywords. Quality content gets higher traffic and ranking as viewers find it relevant. Besides, it must be aligned with business objectives. A minimum of 300 words has to be there to prepare plug-in SEO content.

#4: Great UX

Most customers never return to websites that are unable to provide great user experiences. Google takes strict measures while filtering as per UX. For instance, a higher bounce rate is an indication of a low SEO ranking. This means the visitors are finding the content irrelevant and uninteresting. Technical experts must structure the website well to impress customers within 0.5 seconds of loading time. Use Interactive Design, optimal image size, and fresh content to retain viewers.

Off-Page SEO Factors

#5: Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking ensures that business websites must get backlinks from higher domain authority. If websites have backlinks, which show the latest information, they are likely to rank better.

Technical Aspects

#6: SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate assures the business websites are secure. The Google SEO algorithms are designed in such a way that it prioritises safe, secure websites. They have launched new updated features in 2014 to filter out unsafe sites to maintain higher privacy of user information.

In Sum

The six factors mentioned above get significant importance from Google. Other advanced SEO technical factors like Internal links, Schema Makeup, Optimal page loading, etc., are there. You must ensure that the website must be responsive to get higher SEO ranks. Looking for SEO services India? Contact Your Flow India today.