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5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Content Writer


5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Content Writer

Asking the right questions is essential for hiring a content writer. It may help differentiate between a professional and a newbie. Every business operator should correct the choice of questions. It is genuinely irrelevant to ask about personal life rather than professional accomplishments.

This article will tell you about the five best questions you must ask before finalizing the content writer. Let’s dive into a little detailed information.

5 Questions You Must Ask Content Writers

#1: How comfortably can you handle content from the XY industry?

The question is slightly different from the commonly asked ones like 'Are you comfortable with the XY industry?

A professional brand will likely shortlist content writers specializing in the required industry. Hence the writer has managed a project in your niche. But, you must check how comfortable the writer feels while handling complex projects on a particular topic. One important thing you must remember is that only experience can guarantee success. Sometimes a newbie can handle creative projects successfully. So while shortlisting writers, you must check how knowledgeable the person is about your industry.

#2: Do you follow SEO standards practices?

Almost every professional writer follows SEO practices. But, only the experts remain aware of constant updates happening in popular search engines. For this, you just need to gain more knowledge about SEO standards. An SEO expert writes knowledge about keyword strategy, tactics for higher rankings, etc. You can ask about the SEO standards they follow for preparing quality content.

#3: How would you approach a new project?

An experienced writer never jumps into a project. Experts don't run behind the number of words; they follow a particular strategy. When you ask these questions, the answer should cover the following areas.

  • Content writers must ask for detailed information about audiences and brand goals.
  • They must follow a particular tonality targeting the right audience.
  • They should collaborate with the marketing team and graphics team if needed.

#4: What are the things included in your charges?

A clear conversation is needed while deciding charges. Content writers may charge for different items. Some agencies can do almost everything, but some writers only provide services. So you may interrogate to get a clear idea about project deliverables. Design directions, additional editing, content strategy, and stock photos may invite extra expenses.

#5: What are the best-performing samples?

Last but not least! Asking for some samples is a must to compare their content quality. Often business enterprises need to correct their mistakes by asking for portfolios. It is better to only ask for best-performing shapes, so it becomes easy to shortlist. You must check certain items like:

  • User-friendly engaging content
  • Proper use of headings, sub-headings
  • Flow of sentences
  • Keywords used
  • Tonality, Vocabulary

Final Say

Hopefully, the top five questions will help you find the right content-writing services in India. Do not rush behind the fake reviews. Contact Your Flow India; they have a team of experienced SEO content writers who can curate content as per your needs.