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10 Things to Know Before Developing Your Mobile App


10 Things to Know Before Developing Your Mobile App

In the digital era, having a personalized application is a win-win situation for an eCommerce player. At the same time, the mobile application must be functional and intuitive. Do you ever think about the consequences of faulty apps? You may lose millions of potential buyers because of internal technical glitches.

Essential Things To Do For Successful Mobile Application Development

Here, we have presented 10 essential things to remember before jumping into application development.

1: Focus on user personas

Developing an application without researching target audiences is like beating the bush. Creating a user persona is the best strategy one can use while brainstorming the application design process. For instance, a mobile application targeting older audiences or children must incorporate special features.

2: Who are your competitors?

Thanks to technical innovation, we’ve hundreds of applications for a particular category. So you must offer something unique to grab the user’s attention. While analyzing competitors, marketers can gain solid insights regarding their failures or success.

3: Justify what you’re going to offer

Marketers in the initial phase mainly focus on customer satisfaction but miss to justify whether the product is relevant for the market or not. Such a small step can aid the process of attracting investors.

4: Platforms for development

Launching a mobile application in the market is not an easy task, it requires a lot of effort in the development phase. You may select the right application development platforms like Appy Pie, ColdFusion Builder, Apple store connects, Interface builders or any agencies.

5: Workflow

Application workflow focuses on how the application interacts with users from beginning to end. Supposedly, if users face technical difficulties while preceding each step, they‘ll surely uninstall the app. Therefore, select how many screens you want to add, how they will be linked, how screens will transit etc.

6: Excellent navigation

The workflow will take care of the seamless movement of multiple screens, but the navigation takes a closer look at detailed features. You can experiment with pop-up menus, navigation bars etc.

7: Promotional/ monetization strategy

A successful mobile application may fail due to poor promotional tactics. Take App Store Optimization (ASO) carefully to avoid such problems, as it increases the visibility of mobile applications. You can use other marketing strategies like SEO, PPC, email marketing or fetching viewers’ attention.

8: Security aspects

Application security should be the foremost important thing to consider. It’s a valuable asset for your business, and you don't want to lose users. So never compromise here, take the best technical decisions.

9: Cost for developing application

A mobile application development process may cost between $38,000 to $171,000, depending on the features and locations. So discuss with your teams to finalize the cost that comprises fees of the UI designer, business developer and project manager.

10: Prepare prototypes

Probably, a prototype is an excellent way to justify your idea in reality. You may start with simple projects and gradually incorporate additional features as required.

Final Thought

In order to successfully develop a mobile application, market analysis must be your first priority. Take enough time to finalize strategies, and never forget to check the maintenance requirements. Do you need help with mobile app development services in India? Then look no further than Your Flow India. They are market experts in this domain. Contact them today.